If you've stumbled upon our website, you don't have to read through a ton of pages and click on endless links wondering what it is we do. We shoot underwater videos in glorious High Definition, and we do it better than anybody else, that's it, plain and simple. You're welcome to stay and enjoy our content, or you can go back to your Facebook friends.

If, however, you've come here because you're in need of our specialized services, relax. Like any of our existing customers will tell you, and likely one of them already has, we specialize on those "impossible" to get shots. Whatever you need to shoot underwater, be it a pack of migrating whales in the middle of the ocean or the scene where the hero miraculously escapes out of his sunken car from the bottom of the frozen lake, carrying that all important suitcase of course, we got that. We can film anything from zero to 600 ft, we can move our cameras underwater in ways nobody else can, and we can plan and execute the most logistically complex operations underwater flawlessly, while guaranteeing the safety of all involved. Go ahead and click on Services to see how we can help you, on Equipment to see the gear we use and how to match it to your needs and on About Us to learn more about who we are and how we are different than any other underwater production company.

We wish you safe dives and rewarding projects!

The Ideas in Blue Team.